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Friday, June 15 21h, outdoor screening of CINEROND in the beautiful courtyard of the Voltaire eco-museum rue du Vuache 25 1203 (not far from the station Cornavin). Outdoor projection (fallback solution in the great hall of the API)

Circular film « à la Méliès », unpublished, mechanical invention.

the cinérond, presents short films of 5 to 8 minutes the great and illustrious director Berthe Ringue.

it’s a public show that tells the incredible story of my grandfather Robert Villier. He would have invented at the beginning of the last century a machine projecting on a completely round screen silent films (shot with artists of the time!).

This independent cinema, with its screen of one meter in diameter, is a true cinema of proximity.

The films are set to music by Franck LENORMAND with a toy piano of the 60s.

The toy piano is a real Michelsonne of the year 60.

with Sabrina SAID at the musical popcorn!